Secured dreams!

Sunaina was bewildered, uncertain and rattled as she entered the study room after abstaining herself from the world of reading and writing or even entering her favorite place in the house, in the whole world.

The infamous medical entrance exam has taken away 1 whole year from her life though it wasn’t her decision to become a doctor nor did she have the slightest inclination towards that profession; rather she liked to read, to write and to draw and paint which was never considered a talent nor even accepted from a teenager of her age in her family.

Anxiously she walked towards the shelf and found her journal; she reached for it with pounding heart as her intention was to destroy all those she wrote and painted until an year ago for she knew her life ahead will never accommodate the artistic world and she didn’t want those pages to lay there as a poignant remembrance of who she couldn’t be.

As she opened and went through the pages she felt it, the same feeling she had every time she was in that room writing on her book – elated, blissful, ecstatic, intoxicated, gratified, jubilant, peaceful, confident, lively, tenacious – having not experienced such rush of feelings in such a long time she enjoyed knowing who she is, realizing what she wants to do with her life

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When she left the room holding her journal, her life’s worth, she had made up her mind and she wasn’t bothered how much angry her parents would be at her when she announces that she is not going to be a doctor after all.

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15 thoughts on “Secured dreams!

  1. Wonderful Vinitha!
    Great that she realizes her true calling.
    Kids are pressurized to take up what parents want… Wish everyone did what they are best in…


  2. So many expression vividly expressed. Brilliantly portrayed ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you ended with that choice.


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