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I listened,

to the sorrows,

and to the dreams that withered.

I wanted to ask,

What happiness are you waiting for?

The one that make you smile?

Or the one that erases your sorrows?

Or the one that covers up your wounds?

I wanted to ask,

Why your dreams are untended?

In the wait of the perfect moment?

In the wait of the sunny sky and snow covered earth, all at once?

In the wait of a sign from the universe?

I listened,

To all your dilemmas,

Offering my shoulder to cry on,

Aiding you, at times of your misery!

But there was no you,

When I turned around

To hold on,

When it was my time

To weep,

To share the woes.

Scarred am I,

Only because of your betrayal!

Wounded my heart is,

Only because I trusted you!

The pains, the obstacles, the hardships

All can be gone,

In just a moments notice.

Never the let down, though!

Alone I walked in searing pain,

I winced,

And flinched,

Missing a shoulder to lean on!

Through trembles and shivers,

I crossed the obstacles.

The scorching sun,

The battered leaves,

The icy puddle,

I met with.

I strutted and raced,

I heaved and paced,

To find my way,

In the stormy weather.

I bickered with myself to give up

I reasoned to continue.

Yes, I need an ear to pour out my yearnings,

To pout,

And to grieve.

Doesn’t matter,

How dull the dreams are,

Or mundane the predicaments.

It’s blessing to have someone who listens merely,

And to be someone who listens!

A bliss that guides one in moments of despair,

A vision that clears the moments of hesitation.

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