Between emotions

Sad sobbed, “No one likes me, no one wants to be with me!”

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“Cut it out now. We all have problems; only you are making a big deal about yours, Sad,” said Envy.

“Look at Love, many times people throw him out in fear of losing it later; Hatred is hated the more; Happiness is compared always and demeaned often and me, Envy, I have existence only when someone else have it all, you know how difficult it is to find my way in.”

“Even though no one wants you, you are there at the end of every other emotion; so stop your act now,” lectured the Envy.


Written based on the prompt – Envy for Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie Mcferrin.



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11 thoughts on “Between emotions

  1. Oh, such a creative post Vinitha! Loved the use of your imagination along with the visual of the emoticons: brilliant! 😉 ❤

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