Relations are fragile,
So fragile that once broken can’t be mended,
Not without hiding the cracks!

You and me go a long way back,
We shared a passion for each other,
A passion which we hid from others and each other!

When life turned its back on me,
You showed me a world,
Worth living for!

Our conversations, chimed with silence,
Our silence, created tunes anew,
Our meetings, a paradise I would die for!

Yet, we grew apart,
Not knowing that we are in for eternity,
That some relations can never be broken!

I found your presence,
In solitude I cherished most,
And waited so long!

You faded away often,
Without bidding bye,
Leaving me heartbroken!

You were that dream,
I waited for, to steal my sleep,
Instead, you made me daydream!

You are my forever love,
For my love for words
Stays true always!

Our relation, no matter how fragile,
Will grow stronger,
Because we are in this for eternity!

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