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I wanted to say that I am broken
Hold me tight,
Never let me go!

I muffled the scream,
my distraught heart let out,
wearing a smile,
telling myself, it’s alright.

But am I?

I want to part with those memories
which moistens my eyes
for they hurt my heart
every time they pop in!

I want to erase those memories
which numbs my heart
with its coldness
and freezes my feelings.

I want to dip in those rigid memories
I want to cry and scream at them,
I want to accuse and blame them,
I want to feel silly for doing those,
I want to laugh with them,
And then make amends with them.
I want to let it go
Without hurting them,
Without hurting me!
I want to blow them all
Into nothingness
And then whisper, “it’s alright”!

Written for the Wordy Wednesday Prompt: ‘What is it that I really want to say?’ at Blog-A-Rhythm.


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