It’s time to put the past where it belongs,
In the past
And move on!

It’s okay, to be haunted by the past,
Somewhere along the way
And I shall dust those pictures
Smiling at me
And just share the memories once more
And be back to the present on time!

It’s time to bid farewell
To those times I cherish
Only to wake up
And find that it was a dream.
A dream, so hauntingly beautiful,
The beauty of which never lets me sleep,
The beauty of which I never enjoy otherwise if not for the dream,
A dream, I can only dream to have
And never otherwise.
It’s time to get past that dream,
And come to the present!

It’s time, to get back to the reality,
Though I wish I had a time machine,
To go back to the past,
And stay there,
Enjoying, the sweetness
And the bitterness
Of the long lost time
Tweaking those to my taste
And stay there,
Enjoying the changes
And then get back to the present
Relishing the past
For the joy it had been,
And then peek at the past with peace!

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