Shadows of silence settling in,

peeping through my mind’s window.

Shadows of silence murmuring, – listening to which

I slip into a reverie.

Shadows of silence sweeping away my nightmares,

and moving in as the new resident.

Shadows of silence, seeping in,

mocking my silence.

Shadows, I am not scared of,

Shadows of silence, silencing my silent thoughts,

The depth of which frightens me,

The chillness of which freezes me,

The chimes of which bothers me,

Shadows of silence, playing in my mind’s courtyard,

the best companion,

the worst enemy.

Shadows of silence, your silence, marking its territory,

in my dreams, making it my nightmares.

Shadows of silence, your silence, teasing me,

at the oddest of times.

Shadows of silence, my silence, losing its charm,

parting ways with yours,

bidding adieu to my thoughts.

Shadows of silence, yours and mine,

Is it an illusion?

Or a wish dancing its way around my head?

Or just a moment of lost silence, blanketed in silence?

Written for Wordy Wednesdays at Blog-A-Rhythm, prompt – Shadows of Silence. Thank you for this prompt, Rajlakshmi.