A to Z Theme Reveal 2015

A to Z Theme Reveal 2015

Here we are, at the A to Z Theme Reveal. To tell the truth, I am surprised to see me writing this post. Considering that April is going to be hectic without including even the normal amount of blogging, with all the travels that have to happen, I was very, very skeptical whether to join in or not.

But here I am, with a theme to reveal, working on the alphabets, joining in the big theme reveal for my very first A to Z challenge. Since this is my first time participating in A to Z challenge, I had my fair share of trouble finalizing on a theme. The lack of ideas prompted me to go ahead without a theme or even to drop the idea of signing up for the challenge itself.

And then it happened. I got an idea which could be my theme for the challenge. Even after finalizing on the theme, I wasn’t sure if I should participate or not because of the travel plans. Anyways, two days ago I signed up for the challenge because I want to participate as long as I can. If I couldn’t continue because of whatever reasons, it is going to be a learning experience anyway for the next year. Yes, the silver lining. 🙂

So, here comes my theme: Life Taught Lessons.

Life taught lessons I share,
Lessons that make us care,
Lessons that make us send a prayer,
Lessons that make us smile, when we’re on a trial!

Life, the master of all lessons so far,
Have my undivided attention thus far,
As I know, life is the only teacher,
Imparting lessons so wide and varied!

And this is how I am going to share life taught lessons – as little capsules of poems. I sincerely hope to complete the challenge, soaking up the fun in the next month, regardless of where my physical being is.