She kept crying and I couldn’t do anything to make her feel better. A loss is a terrible thing to go through. Losing someone dear to me, Oh god, I can’t even imagine such a tragedy. And she is experiencing the trauma of losing her beloved.

I stood beside her trying to figure out the words which can console her a bit. Her sobs pained me. I moved closer to her and put my hand on her shoulder gently. She turned around and looked at me; the sight of her agony filled face made me cringe.

I extended my barbie doll, Bella, “You can have Bella. I don’t mind.” Hesitantly she took the doll from me. Her face shined with a tear filled smile. Our neighbor’s dog didn’t like Tina, I knew that. But to butcher her beloved doll like that, it wasn’t nice! “I am not going to pet that dog anymore,” I assured her.

I hoped that she won’t cry over losing her doll’s head to the dog next door.

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