Change of mind #FiveSentenceFiction 2

Tara read for the umpteenth time that night what she wrote on the white paper in front of her carelessly fiddling with her pen. “GoodBye”, it read. Goodbye to all sorrows and failures and hopes that failed to keep its promises, she thought miserably.

Just then she caught the glimpse of morning sun up from its slumber spreading its warm rays all over. A smile appeared on her face as she made the paper into a ball and tossed it into theย bin and reached for her camera.


I am starting off with a weekly series of Five Sentence Fiction every Tuesday here. The above story is written for the prompt SMILE. Feel free to join me with your Five Sentence Fiction using Smile as prompt in the comments. I would love to read yours.

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14 thoughts on “Change of mind #FiveSentenceFiction 2

  1. I liked your FSF, VInitha. It’s really something we all need to do – bid adieu to everything that gave us heartache and look at that which gave us happiness and move forward with faith and courage.


  2. Love this five sentence fiction. I am a person who can not even say something in as small as five sentence, to weave a story in five small sentences is truly wonderful Vinitha. Love you for that.

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  3. Love it, Vinitha and I could so relate to how I feel sometimes. I get down and think everything is so bleak and dismal. Then I’ll see beauty like the sunrise and run for my camera, restoring my faith that there is beauty and hope all around us if we pay attention. Thanks for the reminder!

    I like this prompt. I may give it a go. I’m having a hard time being creative today.

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    1. Thank you Cat! Yesterday we witnessed a magnificent sunrise right at our door step. I was out of ideas and this view gave me hope to write. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sunrise and sunset always makes me happy and soothes my mind.
      Please give it a go. I adore your poems. Can’t wait to read what you come up with, Cat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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