Sign #FiveSentenceFiction 11

“You should ask her.”, advised Harry.

“What if she says no?; I’m waiting for a sign.”, answered Toby.

“Don’t wait too long, I heard Dylan saying that he is her friend”, warned Harry.

“That’s the sign; I am going to ask her now if I can play with her.” The determined first grader ran toward his classmate.


Welcome to the weekly series of Five Sentence Fiction. Every Tuesday I will write a micro-fiction in five sentences based on the prompt.  The above story is written for the prompt SIGN. Feel free to join me with your Five Sentence Fiction using Sign as prompt in the comments. I would love to read yours.


22 thoughts on “Sign #FiveSentenceFiction 11

  1. Aha! What a twist! My mind wandered to luv shuv. In fact, I became friends with my bestie because he was friends with a hottie in college. Throughout our three years, he kept pulling me for that:)

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