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There once was someone I admired

Who stood by my side

In times of all, with no hesitation

There never was doubt

To take which road, despite

The many crisscrosses encountered.

Gone are those days

Of assurance and confidence

As I look in the mirror to see none.

Little by little she left my side

Her departure was never sudden

Only I failed to realize the transition

From the cheerful girl to the distressed woman

Changes someone else not aware of

But glaring at me, grueling my soul,

Questioning my integrity,

Faded into the oblivion,

A mystery of sorts,

Tearing my being,

Leaving behind a body,

a cloak, or a mere shadow.

I want to go back to who I was

Staring into the nothingness I long

A nostalgia hence born!

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Linking with Day 2 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge prompt – Nostalgia and Friday Reflections.