Simpler Times #FictionMonday #SixWordStory

Simpler times are worth the trouble.

This six word story is written in response to the word prompt “Trouble” hosted by Shweta Suresh on her blog My Random Ramblings.

The above thought was provoked by the simpler times that we enjoyed some time ago, which now feels like was a long time ago. 16 years ago, when I was in college, mobile phones weren’t as popular. There were only some kids who brought their phone to the classroom. Tariffs were still way too high at that time. Phone camera was not that good. But we still enjoyed the functionalities such as games mainly that came with the phone. We couldn’t download new games because there was no provision for that yet.

Phones back then were purely for texting and calling.

Then came out the ones with radio in it. That was revolutionary. The pure joy of listening to songs through the phone was exploited to its max by many of us. I didn’t have a walkman when that was available. Any of you remember walkman? So I absolutely enjoyed the radio on the phone feature as much as I could.

Today, though, I can listen to songs through multiple sources at my will, any time I want to, I don’t do it as often.

That simpler time and its charm isn’t lost on me.

The funny part is I remember vividly the times I used to listen to the songs on the radio, the transistor radio, much more lucidly than any other times.

What do you miss from back then when the times were simpler, but wasn’t easy as it is now?

© Vinitha 2021

This piece is written in response to the sixty-sixth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell. 



6 thoughts on “Simpler Times #FictionMonday #SixWordStory

  1. I also blame the iphone (technology / internet / changing perspectives with income) for bringing in chaos in our lives. And you are right the simpler time were really worth the trouble.


  2. My reply to your question was different back in 2021. Today, though, I miss those simple times. Period. I miss everything about those times when there were no phones, only landlines which we used scarcely for fear of the bills. I miss the black and white TV where they aired a film every Sunday, which we looked forward to and enjoyed. I miss the open spaces that are now taken up by the malls that add to the complications of life. Ah, I miss everything, Vini! If I could lay my hands on a time machine, I would just go back to the 70s or the 80s. 🙂
    Loved your story!


  3. I miss the landline phone to be honest. As we spoke fewer times but those conversations were far more fun and memorable than the ones we have on mobile phones these days. We have the mobile at our disposal 24*7 but how often and with how many do we connect soulfully? Life was simpler and sweeter back then . Loved how you used the prompt Vini


  4. I miss the absence of any social media. Back then when we hadnt even heard about FB, there was so much peace. And then, out of the blue, SM came onto the scene and ruined all the peace. Back then, no one was glued to their screens, oblivious to the world around them, to the people nearest to them.


  5. This text reminded me that I did my projects only with a small computer with basic operations and for major programmes we had to perforate cards and wait for a week to obtain the results. If only one character was wrong I have to wait another week… 🙂
    Honestly, even now I use a small phone because the smart one for me is not practical at all. I use it at home mostly.
    I suppose this attraction to the new technology even it’s common, it’s not quite good for our lives or health!

    Thank you, Vinitha! All the best in this new week!


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