The Scare

7-year-old Neetu and her 4-year-old brother Nitin were playing in the yard in front of their house. It is her responsibility to watch her little brother when they play outside without any adult supervision. But she knows that her mother keeps an eye on both of them from somewhere inside the house. Neetu was never … More The Scare

The Perfect Life!

Sona was his friend, no best friend, no best friend forever. They were together since high school. It’s been 14 years now. They got married to each other last month. And today standing in the cremation ground, he cried his eyes out before her ashes. Shekhar knew that life can’t be perfect. But his life was … More The Perfect Life!

New Step!

“Hi.” “Hi,” Grace said uncertainly. “I’m Joe.” “Grace.” “I see you here every evening.” “I haven’t seen you.” “Yeah, I know. You never seemed to be present here when you were here.” He chuckled. That was true. She came there every evening in memory of her deceased boyfriend, Xavier. That spot was their favorite meeting … More New Step!


She wakes up early every morning and soon starts her work for the day. Rest of the family wakes up later to the aroma of food. As they treat themselves to the breakfast, she sneaks in a quick shower, getting ready for (more) work. Getting their kids ready for school comes under her job description … More She!

A Broken Day!

Today is one of those days, I am sad for no reason. I am not aware of the whys, I feel broken. Inspiration sucked out of me, as emotionless I feel. Like a leaf falling in the autumn breeze. I smile for the sake of it, never fulfilling the meaning; Today is one of those days! … More A Broken Day!

The Dazzling Charm

She looked at the art, puzzled. It didn’t make any sense to her. The stones, tiles, clock with numbers shattered, bottles – she thought it was garbage piled on a corner. But it is displayed as art in the gallery. People are looking at this one in particular very curiously, very impressively. Only she couldn’t … More The Dazzling Charm

One Last Time!

  She looked at the horizon, sun painting the wide sky with his palette one last time, dipping clouds in shades of red. How does he do that, she wondered! Spreading such warmth throughout the day, filling light and life on the earth, come evening he puts on his artist coat and paints the beautiful blue … More One Last Time!

Lying Life

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields She was a broken tale, holding on to lies to live her life the way she wanted. Her parents were under the impression that she was in college studying hard, but she chose the world of music long back and moved in with the band she joined. Living in a room filled with … More Lying Life

The Stalker

Picture via Unsplash   Kate hummed along the radio as she prepared her breakfast. She was cheerful busting moves between scrambling eggs. Through the opened window of the kitchen fall breeze made its way inside, making her breezy too.  Music from the radio stopped and an advertisement started playing. Kate looked out the window devouring … More The Stalker

Who is the culprit?

As she occupied the window seat on the metro her mind was occupied with all sorts of thoughts. Once again the unspeakable events transpired in her mind.Who would have predicted that in less than 24  hours her life would take such a harsh turn. She kept thinking whatever was life for me till yesterday is … More Who is the culprit?