She wakes up early every morning and soon starts her work for the day. Rest of the family wakes up later to the aroma of food. As they treat themselves to the breakfast, she sneaks in a quick shower, getting ready for (more) work. Getting their kids ready for school comes under her job description … More She!

The Break-up

Pic via Google They looked at each other, yearning to be there for each other. They wanted to make it work.  At times, it was awkward to go from ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to boyfriend/girlfriend. One would think that it is hard to maintain the relationship as ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. But they found out that it is harder to maintain … More The Break-up


I am barely three I don’t know why you hurt me. You told I am pretty That I am cute like a doll. And you hurt me? Why Uncle Why? Was it because you saw Someone who dressed provocative. Or because you watched  Movies that are vulgar? And you hurt me! Why ? Was it … More Why?

Light of Sight!

Picture via Google Images He looked on pondering what it could be. Are those colorful lights or decorations of some other sort? Having gained the eye sight only recently, many of the visuals the world offered was absolutely new to him.At nights, he didn’t just see the darkness, he saw the star patterned sky brightened … More Light of Sight!

The Stalker

Picture via Unsplash   Kate hummed along the radio as she prepared her breakfast. She was cheerful busting moves between scrambling eggs. Through the opened window of the kitchen fall breeze made its way inside, making her breezy too.  Music from the radio stopped and an advertisement started playing. Kate looked out the window devouring … More The Stalker


Pic via Five Sentence Fiction Grief, the dreaded word, the gruesome feeling, unfolding ghastly moments . Grief, unearthing the frenzy within the sane ones, despised, looked upon gravely. Yet happiness got its many colors  by the mere existence  of horrid grief. Atrocious moments needs grieving to get by. Though cringed, grief too is significant in … More Grief.

What if!

 SOURCE “I was here waiting for him, on the platform with my luggage; as delighted I was to see the train approaching –  to start a new life with him, to make a world of our own, to get away from the rain, his absence made me panic though I knew he wouldn’t betray me, … More What if!


Photo via Pixabay She was sitting there alone by the window, sipping coffee and eating burger. She was the only one in that fast food joint who was alone at a table. While the rest of the people mostly all of them had kids accompanied with them absorbed in their own world, some parents trying … More Lonely??