Warmth of my heart, you are, Loneliness is meaningless with you around, Bittersweet is just a figment, Of the moments, I thought about you! Wonderland you whip out, Just being you, mesmerizes me! Dreams call it quit afraid to compete with you! Why dream, when life Is sweeter with you in it! Linking this to  Write … More You!!

I want you to know..

Pic via Pixabay Blogging has given me an opportunity to connect with other people. Random people, living in different corners of the world, but holding similar views as mine. When someone new comments on my blog I feel heavily appreciated. The pleasure all these random strangers brings just by leaving a comment or a like is … More I want you to know..


Yes there is Someone else I had loved more than you. Do I love him more than you or not? I don’t know the answer. In fact I have never stopped by and looked back to check that. So let me take a moment now. When I flip through yesterdays pages I felt the relationship … More Confession!!

Welcome 2014

This might be 3 days too late. Nevertheless here it goes..2013 was scary enough as it could be. Hopes and disappointments played their role equally well.It wasn’t bad all the time. It wasn’t good all the time either.Good part is we made it through.As 2013 drew the curtain and disappeared in the dawn of december 31st, I feel happy … More Welcome 2014

Humanity and Us

In the name region, religion, gender, politics, beliefs and what not, divisions keep making its appearance and take the world over. Are we just stupid to understand whats actually happening around or we just go along with it for the sake of something which we don’t know, don’t care!!!???   Why is it so important … More Humanity and Us

Reading Indian news is much depressing lately. And hearing comments and opinions, its a way to self destruction .. That’s what people suggest. Its not just physical assaults happening in India, its much more.. I truly feel terrible for all those immature minds. Yes such kinds of comments doesn’t deserve response but as a citizen … More

1.For those who think that girls aren’t supposed to be out alone or otherwise, when it is dark.                     Quit kidding and be practical. We celebrate Independence day every year without fail. And that I don’t understand, If you are to keep the female figures inside … More

Dreams were good then when there was hope Its no wonder I am tornWhen hope had to bid good byeBecause that was all I hadNow U are only a memory- bitter sweet memoryNow U will live only in my memory!!

Dear My Death

From the time I learned your existance I have always wondered about you! When I was a kid I used to wonder where would  I  (or anyone for that matter ) be once I meet you. When we meet I want me to be pleased for seeing you. I want me to say “Hey there, … More Dear My Death