It was destiny, I have been told, When I was left to wrestle with the jaws of death. Destiny took the glory once again, When I fought my way out. No, I am not hiding behind my destiny. I am writing my own destiny Because it can be rewritten! Linking this 49 words fiction to … More Destiny

Life isn’t fair!

“Life isn’t fair, sweetheart. If it was, then I would have been married to the football captain of the school, not to the science club head!” “If she married him then you would be talking to your dad in prison now, honey, and I don’t think he is in a position to buy an iPhone.” … More Life isn’t fair!

The Proposal.

She was thrilled as he got on one knee, gently taking her hand and let the words out, “Will you marry me?” Though they never told each other how they felt, both of them knew that they loved each other. After all, there is something mysterious about those untold words, as they tried to speak their heart … More The Proposal.

Stars and Lights.

“Lights in Diwali,” they said it was, brightening the earth. Is that how we appear to the people from below? Wondered all of us, alike, never seeing us from distance. Lights in Diwali accompanies with puffs of smoke, why so? There is no smoke around us other than puffy clouds. And those thundering noises from … More Stars and Lights.

A Broken Day!

Today is one of those days, I am sad for no reason. I am not aware of the whys, I feel broken. Inspiration sucked out of me, as emotionless I feel. Like a leaf falling in the autumn breeze. I smile for the sake of it, never fulfilling the meaning; Today is one of those days! … More A Broken Day!

The Dazzling Charm

She looked at the art, puzzled. It didn’t make any sense to her. The stones, tiles, clock with numbers shattered, bottles – she thought it was garbage piled on a corner. But it is displayed as art in the gallery. People are looking at this one in particular very curiously, very impressively. Only she couldn’t … More The Dazzling Charm

A New Beginning.

It is been some time since she started walking now. Her mind raced to keep up with her tireless feet. Finally, she took her stand and responded to the abuses. It was time, she defended herself and stopped justifying him. He said sorry, it was alcohol, hurting was not intentional. But never he took steps … More A New Beginning.

One Last Time!

  She looked at the horizon, sun painting the wide sky with his palette one last time, dipping clouds in shades of red. How does he do that, she wondered! Spreading such warmth throughout the day, filling light and life on the earth, come evening he puts on his artist coat and paints the beautiful blue … More One Last Time!


Image via Vidya Sury. He put on the costume, transforming into someone else to please the crowd. The real him, pulling the wagon hard, to make the two ends meet, remained hidden under the guise very well that his miseries were invisible to the common eyes. Is he loosing a bit of himself in all the cheers, … More Disguised!