Bleak #FictionMonday

I always look forward to the morning rays of sun. Every morning, the golden rays shine down on my living room couch shyly at first, and then slowly paint the whole room in their golden-orange shade. I am never tired of watching the friendship between my living room and the morning sun. But today is … More Bleak #FictionMonday

Muse #FictionMonday

We are in the phase of our relationship where we are drifting apart slowly. I don’t even catch her looking at me absentmindedly. She doesn’t care that I am here, waiting for her.  If she doesn’t want me, I don’t want her either. Mumbled my adamant mind. But, the truth is I need her more … More Muse #FictionMonday

Ink #FictionMonday

The blank page looked perfect in the absence of scribbles. No marks to tarnish its appearance. But the blanker the page was, the messier my mind felt. The blobs of ink that refused to make its mark on the paper, left scratches on my mind mercilessly. I sat in front of my writing journal drenched … More Ink #FictionMonday

Fall #FictionMonday

There was a certain delight in the way the flower petal fell to the ground. A rush, an excitement, a purposefulness, a helplessness. That’s all I wanted to experience. That delight. My motionless body failed to capture the purposefulness. © Vinitha Dileep This five sentence fiction piece is written in response to the one hundred and … More Fall #FictionMonday