Incomplete Challenges!

    We are seven days into December, already. November just whooshed away, is it? I signed up for NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo when November arrived. By the mid of November, I fell ill and couldn’t continue with blogging daily and that was the end of NaBloPoMo. As far as the NaNoWriMo was concerned, I already … More Incomplete Challenges!

New Year..

Pic via Pixabay Every year begins with the same title -New- Erasing the fears of yesteryear, Wiping the tears from yesterdays, New Year begins, To rejoice, To celebrate, Giving another chance To dream again, To make those dreams come true, A fresh start, Without tearing off pages That’s written already, A new beginning, Fresh pages to … More New Year..

The New Day

Rohit has a dream. One dream that he has been holding on to for so long. Tomorrow is the day when that dream finally comes true. He never was a sports person, not even as a kid. When his friends played cricket and football, he spent time playing shopkeeper and businessman. He was always like … More The New Day

Some words..

So here I am putting in some poems (I like to call them so :)) I wrote long before. Now the above one (Sandhya) is my first work. I wrote it during my 10th std. I know its incomplete but thats how it was and never I made an attempt to give it finishing touch. … More Some words..