Miracle #FictionMonday

you can forever search for a miracle with no luckuntil you find happiness in just being alive,soaking in the morning sun,cherishing the little moments that pass by,and not be in a haste to chase after those fleeting moments,but let it pass by youleaving you with nothing but gratitude,for life simply is a miracleto those who … More Miracle #FictionMonday

Life #FictionMonday

The path ahead seemed rather dark, Seema mused. There is no clarity, no sense of direction. But she had to keep going as if she knows her way around rather well.  The thought scared her.  She never had any idea about how to move forward or what to do. But it was okay. She was … More Life #FictionMonday

Life isn’t fair!

“Life isn’t fair, sweetheart. If it was, then I would have been married to the football captain of the school, not to the science club head!” “If she married him then you would be talking to your dad in prison now, honey, and I don’t think he is in a position to buy an iPhone.” … More Life isn’t fair!

The Perfect Life!

Sona was his friend, no best friend, no best friend forever. They were together since high school. It’s been 14 years now. They got married to each other last month. And today standing in the cremation ground, he cried his eyes out before her ashes. Shekhar knew that life can’t be perfect. But his life was … More The Perfect Life!


She wakes up early every morning and soon starts her work for the day. Rest of the family wakes up later to the aroma of food. As they treat themselves to the breakfast, she sneaks in a quick shower, getting ready for (more) work. Getting their kids ready for school comes under her job description … More She!