Ink #FictionMonday

The blank page looked perfect in the absence of scribbles. No marks to tarnish its appearance. But the blanker the page was, the messier my mind felt. The blobs of ink that refused to make its mark on the paper, left scratches on my mind mercilessly. I sat in front of my writing journal drenched … More Ink #FictionMonday

Dreams #FictionMonday

“One day we will live in the penthouse of this beautiful building, my dear!”, he told her, hope shining in his eyes pointing to the skyscraper. “You and your dreams!”, she scoffed rolling her eyes. Years later she watched the tiny world go by from the beautiful balcony of her penthouse. If only he was … More Dreams #FictionMonday

Past #SixWordStory

a lullaby of memories, whispering stories. © Vinitha 2021 The above six-word story is written in response to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) hosted by Shweta. This week’s prompt is PAST.

Sigh #SixWordStory

Silent sigh, the sound of compromise! © Vinitha 2021 The above six-word story is written in response to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) hosted by Shweta. This week’s prompt is SOUND.

Pity #FictionMonday

Morning air had a peculiar softness in it as if it had realized that everything else in her life was rough. Niya felt pity on herself. Pity – lately that’s the one feeling she is in touch with. Anything good happens to her, she chooses to see it as a charity. As the morning sun … More Pity #FictionMonday

Come On In!

He was nice. Different. Butterflies fluttered inside her stomach at this thought. She longed for someone who was different from others. Someone who cared. He could be the one, the one who cared. She decided to let him in. Did he spot the BEWARE sign hanging on the way to her mind? Surely he should. … More Come On In!

A writing journey!

You might know that I am in the process of writing a novel. Signing up for NaNoWriMo was essentially to give that nudge to focus and write the novel, the bits of which had been brewing inside me.  Are you curious about my progress? Well, not much! I am writing, at the same time I … More A writing journey!