Wordless Wednesday 46 #ThursdayTreeLove


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WW 46

See my world through my eyes
And you will see the glimpse of the sun
Shining through the cracks
That you thought were my flaws.
And you will know why
I hold my imperfections
Never hidden, but in plain sight
Not just sometimes, but always!

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Wordless Wednesday 45


The lamp continued to burn silently
Spreading its light and warmth gently
On nights those were chilly 
Though at times it was lonely!

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Wordless Wednesday 44 #ThursdayTreeLove


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by the beach

The leafless trees,

the empty playground,

the retiring sun,

the starless sky,

slowly disappearing another day,

with the promise of new beginnings,

the beginning of another dawn in the making!

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A Prayer



A prayer to hold the moment

to all those moments of hurt

A prayer to send the gratitude

to all those who matter

A prayer to enrich the soul

to welcome the future

A prayer to embrace the nuances

of the past and its memories

A prayer to enshrine the present

to focus on all that healthy

A prayer to evolve as we grow

to the ripples of all that positive

A prayer to the essence to stay intact

to be unique and different

A prayer to accept the flaws

to cherish and correct

A prayer to pray without prejudice

to expect nothing, to move forward no matter

A prayer to promise the self

to be the you that you miss and love

A prayer that is honest

despite the heart that is broken

A prayer, pure and clear,

simple and true!

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Wordless Wednesday 43




It’s never the same old
As this sky changes its hues
in shades, I have never seen before
Like a child’s play
Only I’m astonished at its magnificence.

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Goodbye #writebravely #Writetribeproblogger




She looked perfect, just like the first time he met her, in a green silk saree and a slim gold necklace, simple and beautiful as always. They had spent 36 years together and he couldn’t have imagined a better partner.

Today she is leaving him. Well, her body is; her memories and the memories they built together all those years have made an everlasting impression in his heart and will stay with him forever, as a heart print that could never be erased as long his heartbeats.

He leaned down and kissed gently on her forehead as her lifeless face smiled at him for the last time.

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Known Unknown #writetribe #Writetribeproblogger


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She dressed her heartaches
In such gorgeous guise
With scribbles that hid her scars
And words that captivated many

Her scars unseen to the crowd
Unaware of her heart so broken
And the little pieces of shards it carried
Applauded the audience merrily

Silent sobs she stifled
A mask she wore
Tears pretended to be of joy
Known yet anonymous stayed her story

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The Monster #writebravely #Writrtribeproblogger


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Sharon knew he was somewhere near her. Though she couldn’t see him, she felt his presence always.

Some might even think that theirs is an unrequited love, she thought miserably. But how would anyone think that, when no one knew his existence in her life, when no one could feel his presence like she did?

How would she tell anyone about him when she couldn’t say it out loud confidently. Such was her stalker, the monster, this depression!

 Five Sentence Fiction written for day 7 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

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Creative Struggle #writebravely #writetribeproblogger


It’s hard not to doubt,
When inspiration takes a break
And creativity plays hide and seek

It’s hard to stay focused
When the paper is full of strikes
With no word that makes sense

It’s hard to gather courage
To think outside the box
And to get outside the comforts

It’s demotivating, this self doubt
It’s hard, not get crippled under this stress
As I feel empty

How to break this chain,
that strangles me from inside out?
I wonder with no clue!

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Disobedience #writebravely #writetribeproblogger


Disobedient my mind,
Every now and then going back to peek
At those memories that prick
Tearing my mind

Why isn’t it easy to forget!
Never take a look at those in the past
If it can’t bring delight
I plead to the self

But, who listens!
Playing hide and seek with flame
That is dangerous, become our game
Though it makes me dizzy

Through the cracks my mind bear
Sneaking in the memories, unaware
And hide and seek I play
Until they let me be free again.

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