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Hope betrayed again, he waved goodbye!

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Wordless Wednesday 33




There goes the sun, not before soaking in
A last glimpse of his beloved earth!
Tomorrow, another beautiful day,
I shall wait for this farewell, day after day!

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Memories, they peek at me

I brush off the abrasions they make,

as memories decided to make a come back.

What ifs took the center stage,

along with the memories hidden inside.

Unsteady heart, tearful eyes,

and evasive memories,

another night stolen,

as I shush those memories to sleep!

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Wordless Wednesday 32



I wore the white crown, just for today,
The world looked at me differently, just for today,
My existence, yesterday and the days before,
Unnoticed by any,
Just for today, I am unique,
Grabbing your attention!

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In my dreams!



Twinkling stars and fluffy clouds
In my dreams
Worries of tomorrow, no more to be seen
Light as a feather shall I float
In my dreams
Hoping on the cloud shall I glide
In my dreams
Waking up to the reality
The cold morning​ and daily routines
Never, in my dreams
My go to place to beckon peace
A place where I get lost for the joy of it
In my dreams, a dream I shall never say bye to.


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Necessary Learnings


“Tequila, please. Keep’em coming,” said Amy without looking up.

“Rough day?” inquired Joe, the bartender. He had seen enough to know. Most of his lonely customers are there either to shed off the rough day or in search of a good time. This girl was clearly not looking to have a good time, not with a smudged mascara.

“You can say that,” continued Amy, “I knew breakups were hard, but breaking up with a close friend that was the hardest of all!”

“I read somewhere, “We learn the most from imperfect relationships- things like compassion“, maybe you learned something like that from your relation too. ”


“Yeas, I did. ‘All that glitters is not gold‘,” smiled Amy.

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Wordless Wednesday 31



Some survive the change

and wear the scar as a beauty spot!

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She kept crying and I couldn’t do anything to make her feel better. A loss is a terrible thing to go through. Losing someone dear to me, Oh god, I can’t even imagine such a tragedy. And she is experiencing the trauma of losing her beloved.

I stood beside her trying to figure out the words which can console her a bit. Her sobs pained me. I moved closer to her and put my hand on her shoulder gently. She turned around and looked at me; the sight of her agony filled face made me cringe.

I extended my barbie doll, Bella, “You can have Bella. I don’t mind.” Hesitantly she took the doll from me. Her face shined with a tear filled smile. Our neighbor’s dog didn’t like Tina, I knew that. But to butcher her beloved doll like that, it wasn’t nice! “I am not going to pet that dog anymore,” I assured her.

I hoped that she won’t cry over losing her doll’s head to the dog next door.

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Wordless Wednesday 30



A morning surprise,
when pathways draped white spreads,
chilly it was,
gorgeous she looked!

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