Wordless Wednesday 49



WW 49

A reflection so glorious
Creating ripples far and wide
Magic of the unique star!

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Wordless Wednesday 48



Shining brightly from afar,

Showering light in all directions,

Occupying just a small corner of the sky,

Spreading its love with no reservations,

Nothing can outshine this glow, 

The radiance of selfless glow!

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Tomorrow may come or not
I am not at the liberty to know,
I will set my plans but,
To welcome the day anyhow!

Tomorrow may come or not
I can never think that it won’t,
I will pray for a good day, and
To wake up with a smile!

Tomorrow may come or not
I can never give up hope, however
So I say thanks to the Almighty
For all the blessings in abundance!

And if tomorrow never comes
I shall not be disappointed,
So I do my best today,
Because who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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Wordless Wednesday 47



WW 47

A forgotten tune,
A neglected smile,
An overlooked stone,
The sedentary life weeps!

A tune playing in repeat,
A smile that is welcoming,
A pebble so unique,
The gifted life marvels!

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Wordless Wednesday 46 #ThursdayTreeLove


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WW 46

See my world through my eyes
And you will see the glimpse of the sun
Shining through the cracks
That you thought were my flaws.
And you will know why
I hold my imperfections
Never hidden, but in plain sight
Not just sometimes, but always!

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Wordless Wednesday 45


The lamp continued to burn silently
Spreading its light and warmth gently
On nights those were chilly 
Though at times it was lonely!

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Wordless Wednesday 44 #ThursdayTreeLove


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by the beach

The leafless trees,

the empty playground,

the retiring sun,

the starless sky,

slowly disappearing another day,

with the promise of new beginnings,

the beginning of another dawn in the making!

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A Prayer



A prayer to hold the moment

to all those moments of hurt

A prayer to send the gratitude

to all those who matter

A prayer to enrich the soul

to welcome the future

A prayer to embrace the nuances

of the past and its memories

A prayer to enshrine the present

to focus on all that healthy

A prayer to evolve as we grow

to the ripples of all that positive

A prayer to the essence to stay intact

to be unique and different

A prayer to accept the flaws

to cherish and correct

A prayer to pray without prejudice

to expect nothing, to move forward no matter

A prayer to promise the self

to be the you that you miss and love

A prayer that is honest

despite the heart that is broken

A prayer, pure and clear,

simple and true!

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Wordless Wednesday 43




It’s never the same old
As this sky changes its hues
in shades, I have never seen before
Like a child’s play
Only I’m astonished at its magnificence.

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Goodbye #writebravely #Writetribeproblogger




She looked perfect, just like the first time he met her, in a green silk saree and a slim gold necklace, simple and beautiful as always. They had spent 36 years together and he couldn’t have imagined a better partner.

Today she is leaving him. Well, her body is; her memories and the memories they built together all those years have made an everlasting impression in his heart and will stay with him forever, as a heart print that could never be erased as long his heartbeats.

He leaned down and kissed gently on her forehead as her lifeless face smiled at him for the last time.

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