Embrace the Everchanging #FictionMonday

nothing is permanent, from the earth, the sun, the moon, and the starseverything is changingevery minute, every second. change is the only constant. is it scary?that everything is changing? it won’t be when you realize that you too are changing!along with the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars,you too are changing to accommodate the … More Embrace the Everchanging #FictionMonday


Bridge #FictionMonday

I tried to reset my mind in vain. Thoughts stormed off through my mind leaving behind all sorts of unpleasant feelings. “Deep breath in.” I instructed my chaotic mind. I am breathing barely enough to keep myself alive. Deep breaths feel like a luxury at this time. My mind snapped back at me. Feeling defeated … More Bridge #FictionMonday

The Other Woman

No matter how hard she tried, Suzy couldn’t look away. “She will see you staring at her!” Her mind warned her. With so much difficulty she walked away from the park letting the smiling face of the other woman torture her sanity. “What does Josh see in her? She is not even that beautiful!” Chided … More The Other Woman

Bleak #FictionMonday

I always look forward to the morning rays of sun. Every morning, the golden rays shine down on my living room couch shyly at first, and then slowly paint the whole room in their golden-orange shade. I am never tired of watching the friendship between my living room and the morning sun. But today is … More Bleak #FictionMonday