When it rains… #WordsMatter


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When it rains…

this mind rattles in the dark oft
a glimmer of hope could help perhaps
nothing but an overcast
it shan’t last for long
dark clouds can’t linger forever
soon will it rain down
and the sun will appear bright again
a cleansing ritual is all this
gently sweeping and mopping the stains away
and a final rinse to spruce up
a good cry to flush that fog
the silver lining may hover for longer this time
a wish that meanders my way when it rains!

This poem is written as part of the #WordsMatter blog hop, organized by CorinneShalini, and Parul where 42 of us are coming together to share our musings on the prompt ‘When it rains’. I received this tag from Sunita at Mumbai On A High and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Anagha Yatin at Canvas With Rainbow.wordsmatter-logo

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What lies ahead? #WordlessWednesday 68




What lies ahead?
Who are we to know?
Where the road leads?
Why, that’s your destination!

A glimpse of the road ahead,
Hardly reveals what’s in store.
Yet, a glimpse, that carves the path,
That’s all, sometimes, left to guide.

Joining #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha & Natasha this week.


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Broken Promises #WordsMatter




She looked outside her window. The night looked pleasant and calm, unlike her mind, which was brewing a storm with every passing second.
She wanted to be calm like that night – branches of trees gently swaying along with the breeze, flowers nodding along half-asleep, even the air smelled fresh and peaceful.

If only she could be at peace like that! But today no peace offerings were going to pacify her. Broken promises left a sad trail of scars on her mind. Once again, her beloved husband had broken his promise and thereby broke her heart for the umpteenth time.

Why can’t he throw his socks into the hamper instead of stuffing it under the bed? Such a simple request treated with such callousness deserved no kindness of her heart.

Disclaimer: Though this is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely intentional. 🙂


This fiction is written as part of the #WordsMatter bloghop organized by Corinne, Shalini, and Parul where 47 of us are coming together to share our musings on the prompt ‘Outside my Window’. I received this tag from Suchita Agarwal at tales of Suchita and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Ruchi at The Vagabond.


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Lonely Wanderer #WordlessWednesday 67


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Lonely was only the soul,
Wandering musings never got tired
Of jumping from branches spread so wide.

Joining Esha and Natasha for this week’s Wordless Wednesday and Parul for Thursday Tree Love.

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Finding Self #WordlessWednesday 66



WW 66

Into the wilderness
Wanders my mind
A world of chaos
A web of what-ifs
Making a criss-cross.

Glimpses of tranquil
I see, deep within the soul
Serene and beautiful
A place to get lost
Away from this clutter.

Chaos and tranquil,
All a part of me.
Never too late,
To accept the mess and peace
That resides side by side
Within this heart,
And the self is whole again
As it was, always.

This poem is inspired by this beauty who we met at a wildlife sanctuary in Arizona. 

Joining Esha for #WordlessWednesday this week.


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Appearance & Purpose #WordlessWednesday 65


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Often I stroll,
With roots deep below, and
Calm and composed above,
Battling battles of my own,
Where no eyes reach,
To spy or judge,
A summer shade,
A winter wonder,
Questioning my purpose,
Perhaps, this many appearances I keep,
Is, in fact, my purpose in this life, I wonder.

Sharing the above picture and verses with Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove,

Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha

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Not so gloomy #WordlessWednesday 64


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On a gloomy day,
When the dark clouds threatened,
To spill rain all over
A little sunshine was all that it took,
To form a rainbow.
Wonders can happen
On days not so bright
A soulful smile,
An honest friend,
A kind gesture,
That’s all, it takes.

Joining Natasha and Esha for WordlessWednesday this week.FinalWWLogo-1

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Lessons from a flower #WordlessWednesday 63


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WW 62

A bloom to relish

For a little while

While it lasts.

A lesson it shares,

Of humble and flourish.

Dried it will be soon,

With no charm,

Neither glossy and radiant,

Petals one by one,

Awaiting its imminent fall.

A lesson to learn,

From this bloom,

To never hide your value,

However small or short it may.

What good it is

To be haughty and  smug

Over your beauty and flair?

All will be lost tomorrow

When the sun shines a little too bright

Yet, nothing is lost forever

Because persistence will see you

Blossom and prosper again.

Cherish this bloom

While it lasts

Gracious as ever.

Joining The Tuesday Platform by Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,

Image-in-ing, a weekly photo linkup

#ThursdayTreeLove at Parul’s &

Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday this week.

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Cloudy & Dark #WordlessWednesday 62


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Cloudy and dark
Some days, so it appears
Spectacular or uneventful
Casting a look so delirious
Some days, it so happens!

Laden with doubt
Shadows of gloom
Weaving a tone so bleak
Some days, are never easy
When it is cloudy and dark!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday this week.


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Another Realm #poem


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The below poem is inspired by Parul’s Thursday Tree Love photo this week.

In another realm, perhaps,

beyond chaos and mishaps,

in between a walk among the stars,

I may find this world of obscures

alluring, beyond my imagination,

stunning and insane, I may exclaim.

Another day, perhaps,

I would look out the window,

and see the raindrops kissed panes,

and the trees veiled by the deluge,

and realize that this is, in fact, my other realm

with sceneries so breathtaking,

stories worthy of retells,

poetries tantalizing souls,

a world of possibilities, beyond anyone’s imagination.

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