It’s never okay!

“Dannyyy, why did you push your friend down the stairs? Look how hurt he is?” Rita was annoyed at how the playdate has turned from fun to fight. “You told me to stand up for me when kids are not nice to me. Alex was making fun of my new haircut. I was only standing … More It’s never okay!

Soul-less Promise!

He promised, “I’ll be there for you, always!” He convinced, “We’re soulmates forever!” Turned out, he didn’t have a soul to share! Written for Day 4 of Write Tribe Festival Of Words in response to the above Photo prompt.

The Bitter Truth

Amy looked at the photograph in her hand once again. Another Father’s day has come and gone, yet she couldn’t muster the courage to face her father. All that she had of her father was this photo – she as a little baby sleeping peacefully on her dad’s chest! He remained a mystery to her … More The Bitter Truth