Who Am I?

Who am I, I ask myself, A woman, a mother, a wife, It changes every time I answer. Who am I, I wonder, Why am I defined by the roles I assume? Why my role changes with people around me? Who am I, I ask, The hard question I ever faced! Is it that label … More Who Am I?


I wonder, how we would have known colors, if the nature hid its palette! The green leaves, the colorful flowers, the rainbows, the white snow, the blue sky, the brown soil, and whatnot! The brilliant hues of red, orange and yellow, the sun makes, the milky glow of the moon, and  the twinkling stars. The lush green … More Colors!


It was destiny, I have been told, When I was left to wrestle with the jaws of death. Destiny took the glory once again, When I fought my way out. No, I am not hiding behind my destiny. I am writing my own destiny Because it can be rewritten! Linking this 49 words fiction to … More Destiny

#WordlessWednesday 10

  The precious bubble before it bursts, containing a world of its own. a moment’s life it has; a moment’s joy it spreads; fulfilling its journey!    Linking this to Wordless Wednesday at Abracabadra hosted by Ruchira. Also linking to NaBloPoMo – November Day 9.

The Perfect Moment

Listening to the dripping rain outside cozying on the couch inside The perfect moment, I relish. A cup of tea, to keep company, And scribble what comes on mind, The perfect moment, I feel. Ha! Why can’t every moment be perfect, I sigh! It’s time to move on to the next moment, I realize! Linking … More The Perfect Moment

Between emotions

Sad sobbed, “No one likes me, no one wants to be with me!” “Cut it out now. We all have problems; only you are making a big deal about yours, Sad,” said Envy. “Look at Love, many times people throw him out in fear of losing it later; Hatred is hated the more; Happiness is compared … More Between emotions

#WordlessWednesday 9

  Dusk or Dawn, Does it matter? It all comes together, To present the moments, Breathtaking moments..    Linking this to Wordless Wednesday at Abracabadra hosted by Ruchira. Also linking to NaBloPoMo – November Day 3, Ultimate Blog Challenge and Ultra Blog Challenge.

I did it!!

31 days 31 posts. I made it. It comes as a surprise to me because I never thought I had it in me what it takes to commit to write daily. I am so over the moon now. 🙂 Signing up for the NaBloPoMo – October was truly an impulsive act. I didn’t think through … More I did it!!

Life isn’t fair!

“Life isn’t fair, sweetheart. If it was, then I would have been married to the football captain of the school, not to the science club head!” “If she married him then you would be talking to your dad in prison now, honey, and I don’t think he is in a position to buy an iPhone.” … More Life isn’t fair!