Who Am I?

Pic via Google
Pic via Google

Who am I, I ask myself,
A woman, a mother, a wife,
It changes every time I answer.

Who am I, I wonder,
Why am I defined by the roles I assume?
Why my role changes with people around me?

Who am I, I ask,
The hard question I ever faced!
Is it that label which makes me someone?

Who am I?
The question continues,
Who am I!

Linking this to Poetry Jam prompt – who are you.

Also linking to NaBloPoMo November – 17.


16 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. is it the label that makes us…is it the role we find ourselves in? makes it easy to identify us but it cuts away all the other things that make us who we are…and what makes us special…

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  2. I think your poem points out the fact that we each have many different roles. The question “Who am I?” sometimes seems like it is a simple one, but the answer is complex. And I personally don’t think any ‘label’ makes a person someone. I think we each are ‘someone’ in our own right.

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