Ink #FictionMonday

The blank page looked perfect in the absence of scribbles. No marks to tarnish its appearance. But the blanker the page was, the messier my mind felt. The blobs of ink that refused to make its mark on the paper, left scratches on my mind mercilessly. I sat in front of my writing journal drenched … More Ink #FictionMonday

Life #FictionMonday

The path ahead seemed rather dark, Seema mused. There is no clarity, no sense of direction. But she had to keep going as if she knows her way around rather well.  The thought scared her.  She never had any idea about how to move forward or what to do. But it was okay. She was … More Life #FictionMonday

Fearless #FictionMonday

It wasn’t like she was full of courage. In fact, she was the opposite of courage. She was timid her entire life. People never valued her. She didn’t experience appreciation in her whole life.  That’s how timid personalities are treated. With no particular appreciation or affection.  But that day things changed. She demanded everything that … More Fearless #FictionMonday