Life #FictionMonday

The path ahead seemed rather dark, Seema mused. There is no clarity, no sense of direction. But she had to keep going as if she knows her way around rather well. 

The thought scared her. 

She never had any idea about how to move forward or what to do. But it was okay. She was alone. Now everything has changed. A tiny life is depending on her.


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The little baby cooed in her arms as though knowing her thoughts. That precious smile melted her heart instantly. 

“We will figure it out, right darling?” The baby cooed again in agreement. “As long as you have the confidence I’m okay, my dear.” Seema smiled. 

Life is twisted! As clueless as she was, she was happy too. Life sure is twisted! 

© Vinitha 2021

This fictional piece is written in response to the thirty-eighth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt TWIST and the above picture prompt hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell. 


4 thoughts on “Life #FictionMonday

  1. Loved this story, Vinitha! I like how it ends on a positive note. I do hope the woman continues to stay strong through the twists and turns in her life. Isn’t it amazing how we stand up to face the uncertainties of life when someone trusts us with all their heart?
    You’ve inspired me to write one more, Vinitha. 🙂


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