Time? #FictionMonday

It’s not time yet. That’s what he kept telling himself. He had convinced himself that in order to pursue his dreams he needed to be free of all the commitments in life. Work, family, kids’ education – so many things needed his full focus. Pursuing his dream of writing a novel would require him to … More Time? #FictionMonday

Life #FictionMonday

The path ahead seemed rather dark, Seema mused. There is no clarity, no sense of direction. But she had to keep going as if she knows her way around rather well.  The thought scared her.  She never had any idea about how to move forward or what to do. But it was okay. She was … More Life #FictionMonday

Come On In!

He was nice. Different. Butterflies fluttered inside her stomach at this thought. She longed for someone who was different from others. Someone who cared. He could be the one, the one who cared. She decided to let him in. Did he spot the BEWARE sign hanging on the way to her mind? Surely he should. … More Come On In!

Life isn’t fair!

“Life isn’t fair, sweetheart. If it was, then I would have been married to the football captain of the school, not to the science club head!” “If she married him then you would be talking to your dad in prison now, honey, and I don’t think he is in a position to buy an iPhone.” … More Life isn’t fair!

New Step!

“Hi.” “Hi,” Grace said uncertainly. “I’m Joe.” “Grace.” “I see you here every evening.” “I haven’t seen you.” “Yeah, I know. You never seemed to be present here when you were here.” He chuckled. That was true. She came there every evening in memory of her deceased boyfriend, Xavier. That spot was their favorite meeting … More New Step!

The Dazzling Charm

She looked at the art, puzzled. It didn’t make any sense to her. The stones, tiles, clock with numbers shattered, bottles – she thought it was garbage piled on a corner. But it is displayed as art in the gallery. People are looking at this one in particular very curiously, very impressively. Only she couldn’t … More The Dazzling Charm