Home #ThursdayTreeLove

where one’s heart is, where one feels safe, where one is free to be themselves, where one can rest peacefully, that’s home. This picture is clicked during our visit to Washington, DC in the first week of October. The hustle and bustle of this place is incredible, so are the gorgeous historic buildings. A pair … More Home #ThursdayTreeLove

Yesterday #FictionMonday

those cherished memories –   smearing fragrances, spilling colors, in today’s pages.  yesterday, a page written in the past – forgotten memories, lost moments, all safe in the past. © Vinitha Dileep This piece is written in response to the one hundred and sixteenth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt ‘YESTERDAY’ hosted at Reflections by yours … More Yesterday #FictionMonday

Miracle #FictionMonday

you can forever search for a miracle with no luckuntil you find happiness in just being alive,soaking in the morning sun,cherishing the little moments that pass by,and not be in a haste to chase after those fleeting moments,but let it pass by youleaving you with nothing but gratitude,for life simply is a miracleto those who … More Miracle #FictionMonday

Summer #ThursdayTreeLove

summer sprinkles a shine all aroundmaking the flowers loaned from the spring smile even brighterthe freshly woven cobwebs bridging the flora reflect tantalizinglylike a carefully chosen piece of jewelry adorning the bloomssummer sprinkles a gorgeous glow all aroundthe fresh blossoms sometimes appear to be in a meditative prayersummer shines fearlessly, making everything appear alluring in … More Summer #ThursdayTreeLove