Impression #FictionMonday

Keerthi moved closer to the window for a better view. She could barely see the beautiful purple flowers from up her balcony. Shekhar loved the view from their 22nd floor apartment. But she could hardly enjoy the isolation. That’s how she felt. Isolated from everything. 

Everything that infused life in her was on the ground floor. Up there in the penthouse, she was alone, nursing her solitary existence in a pristine apartment while her husband raced to meet deadlines at work.

She remembered how she felt when she first saw this house. The huge apartment and seclusion suffocated her then. It has continued to do so every day since.  But Shekhar was impressed with his find. 

Keerthi wished she would have never agreed to buy the apartment. 

Her first impression left a lasting impression on her. She couldn’t fall in love with the house or its location. Neither could she love her life any more away from everything that made her smile for no reason.

Photo by Brian van den Heuvel on

© Vinitha Dileep

This flash fiction piece is written in response to the one hundred and thirtieth edition of Fiction Monday for the word prompt – IMPRESS and the above picture prompt hosted at Reflections by yours truly. Do join in if you have a tale to tell.

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