Creativity gone astray!

Sitting in the porch

I sift through my mind

For inspiration to knock.

The creative mind shuts down

And threw the key away

For me to go awry!

Rhymes, Proses, Poems, Stories –

They all seem to have chosen not to come my way,

I sigh!

I look out with a mind,

That is mere blank.

Roses and lilies dancing merrily,

Gentle breeze creating new rhythms,

Plants and trees joining in the party,

A musical mystery for the eyes.

Inspiration strikes,

And creativity blooms, once again!

Write Tribe Festival of Words

This poem is inspired by Write Tribe’s Festival of Words.


12 thoughts on “Creativity gone astray!

  1. Lovely poem, Vinitha. I so agree. Nothing like Nature to inspire us when we feel blocked. I love my birds and flowers. Springtime in Canada is such a wonderfully inspiring time of year.


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