The Bitter Truth


Amy looked at the photograph in her hand once again. Another Father’s day has come and gone, yet she couldn’t muster the courage to face her father.

All that she had of her father was this photo – she as a little baby sleeping peacefully on her dad’s chest! He remained a mystery to her as her mom never disclosed about the whereabouts of her father. Lies can never cover up the truth forever. Finally two years ago Amy managed to extort the truth out of her mother, not after guessing the inevitable though.

But now, watching from distance, Amy couldn’t help but feel that her mother’s lies were sweeter than this reality.

One last look and she walked back promising to keep those flowers in his grave tomorrow.


Day 1 of FOW Picture Prompt



10 thoughts on “The Bitter Truth

  1. The story left me misty-eyed, Vinitha.

    Death is such a bitter truth in itself. I’m however glad that the protagonist never shared a bond with her father & probably so the grief would be easy to let go with time. All of us who’ve got our parents around with us, feel so blessed.

    Loved how kept the story short, yet one that never stops speaking to us..


  2. Oh dear. Often the white lies are more damaging than the bitter truth but then if the child was just a baby, she is better off knowing that her dad wasn’t dead but away somewhere in the Universe…?


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