Ink #FictionMonday

The blank page looked perfect in the absence of scribbles. No marks to tarnish its appearance. But the blanker the page was, the messier my mind felt. The blobs of ink that refused to make its mark on the paper, left scratches on my mind mercilessly. I sat in front of my writing journal drenched … More Ink #FictionMonday

The Broken Kaleidoscope

The broken kaleidoscope wasn’t reflecting darkness. Neither did it trap black spots. The broken kaleidoscope reflected more colors with a vengeance. Pieces of blue, pink, orange, green, yellow, and a mix of more colors. It sparkled brilliantly as the more broken pieces accumulated.  Broken doesn’t have to mean losing the ability to shine. Often, being … More The Broken Kaleidoscope

Beauty #FictionMonday

The petals of dandelions appear delicate yet they are so fearless to blatantly show their beauty. It’s not fragile, or vulnerable in a negative sense.  Getting to show off their uniqueness – the fragility, the vulnerability, the ability to free itself from the flower and wander off slowly, elegantly and settle somewhere unfamiliar – isn’t … More Beauty #FictionMonday