Scary Reflection!

The reflection looked me back, With a different look from what I have seen! The enigmatic feel stayed intact, Yet, so different, I felt, Like someone else took my place, Wearing my face! I swayed, to make my reflection move, To change the way it appeared, Beauty, oozing out of the mirror, My reflection emanating … More Scary Reflection!

And then, he flees..

He arrives, enriching my mind, during the most unexpected moments. With his presence, I just forget myself and fall for him so shamelessly, so happily, over and over. Moments later I will be all alone and he, nowhere to be seen! And I wait impatiently for his arrival once again, pledging myself not to do the … More And then, he flees..

Broken Promise!

  “Dear god, here is the 100th coin, as I promised. You do know how hard it was for me to get 100 coins! Of course, you know, that’s what my mom told, that God knows everything.” “Now can you please give me my mom back? I need her more than I need you, pretty … More Broken Promise!

Letting Go

A fresh start, that’s what they agreed upon after she found out about his extra marital affair. Every time he cheats on her, he showers her with more love and that was her clue. Finally, she told him that she is not going to put up with his treacheries, and he agreed with her; he … More Letting Go

Waiting Game

Sharon kept checking her watch. The needles moved at their own pace unaware of her irritation. And then they got together at 12. As she rose from her bed with the widest smile ever they sang outside her door,” Happy Birthday to you.” Her smile got broader as she received the birthday present, her first … More Waiting Game