The Monster #writebravely #Writrtribeproblogger


Sharon knew he was somewhere near her. Though she couldn’t see him, she felt his presence always.

Some might even think that theirs is an unrequited love, she thought miserably. But how would anyone think that, when no one knew his existence in her life, when no one could feel his presence like she did?

How would she tell anyone about him when she couldn’t say it out loud confidently. Such was her stalker, the monster, this depression!

 Five Sentence Fiction written for day 7 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

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20 thoughts on “The Monster #writebravely #Writrtribeproblogger

  1. Depression is terrible. Even after one has overcome it, it lurks at the boundaries of ones subconscious. I feel sorry for this person who’s never truly free of the monster.


  2. Depression – how many truly understand when a person is going through it? Not many, sadly! And, the victim keeps living with the monster, waiting for the day when help will arrive.


  3. Depression is truly a monster. A hard one to shake. I feel for those who go through this terrible dis-ease and I pray that all have a compassionate soul by their side to help them through this.


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