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She knew life was not just a bed of roses. Count the blessings more often to get the prickly thorns out, she learned that early on. 

Then again it wasn’t the terminal illness that killed her. The toxic relation she was in mercilessly sucked the life out of her long before her tumor proved to be fatal. 

Why life was just a bed of thorns for her, remained a mystery to her. 


A five sentence fiction for Day 3 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge prompt – Terminal.

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18 thoughts on “Mystery #writebravely #Writetribeproblogger

  1. Why do we turn our lives into living hells? Why dont we have the guts to make things work for ourselves? why cant we see that if we are not happy, none around us will be either? Why dont we exercise self love? Lotsa questions from this post Vinitha


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