Wordless Wednesday 56


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Different are we,
Does it matter, though?
To lean on each other?
To lend a hand when in need?
To just be there?
To be friends with each other?

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Just this moment


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Worries and doubts,
Now’s not the time,
Stay away for a little while,
While I welcome this day,
New and fresh,
Calm and serene,
Let me relish this moment.
Fears and jitters,
You’re not allowed,
Tomorrow, anyhow, you’ll come
Without my permission that is!
There is no denying,
That you like my company,
Despite the lack of affection,
I’ve showered you with.
But stay away now,
For I like to be worry-free,
Just this moment.
And if you decide,
To abandon me forever,
I welcome that thought,
A fresh start, that would be,
For you and me.

Linking with Vinay and Reema for Wednesday Verses prompt ‘Fresh’.

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Wordless Wednesday 55 & #ThursdayTreelove


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Bidding adieu,
time and again,
to repeat the cycle,
time after time,
for nothing’s lost,
for nothing stays the same,
yet everything comes back,
to a full circle,
fulfilling its duty,
that’s not to be missed.

Bidding bye,
a pattern nonetheless,
to shed all that’s rotten,
to scrape the fear
surrounding dreams so dear,
to welcome life,
to embrace the journey,
to cradle that’s beloved,
to greet another chance,
to restore the seasons once again.

Bidding adieu,
time and again
to  meet anew,
to bear fresh blooms,
to share a new horizon.

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Wordless Wednesday 54


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A little orange,
Crimson on the side,
Spread some golden yellow,
Purple, red, and pink,
Top it with blue hues,
Nothing but a playground,
The sky appears to nature,
Spill colors of all shades,
For the sky is just a canvas,
To showcase her aesthetic pursuits,
Shy she never is,
To present her masterpiece,
Day after day!

Joining Natasha and Esha for Wordless Wednesday this week.

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Wordless Wednesday 53


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Be kind, for it takes nothing to be one

Be kind, for it gives immense happiness

Be kind, for the world needs more of it

Be kind, to see the ripples making its way to you

Be kind, because that’s all it takes!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday this week.

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Wordless Wednesday 52


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WW 52

Grey skies often bring me hope,

For I know the sun jailed beneath

Those dark clouds,

Will greet me again

Once the pouring calms down!

#WordlessWednesday Poetry

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Wordless Wednesday 51




An irony I deal with while,

Typing and erasing the keystrokes

To put in words to  express the beauty

Of Mother Nature who flaunts her elegance,

With no makeup,

Neither she rehearses,

Before unveiling her magnificence,

Covered in simplicity so gracefully!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday this week.

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Wordless Wednesday 50


Cracked, outside,

perhaps a little inside too.

each crack holds a story

perhaps deeper than it lets on.

Beyond the cracks,

rests the soul, unperturbed.

It’s time to seek the image

that lies underneath,

leave the scars alone,

keep the judgments aside now,

let the scars not disfigure us anymore.

Joining #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha this week. 
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Grim Truth




Stranded, neglected

this mind

Harboring reflections

such ghastly

Mirroring unsightly


To let go,

never that easy

Life, the many games

it plays!

Grim Truth

Inspired by #WednesdayVerses prompt Let go hosted by Reema and Vinay.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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Mind Works!


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a web of thoughts,
in disarray
a scene to avoid
to stay sane
though I like to play with them
at times
delving deep into my mind’s alleys
untangling knots
of thoughts
rather an exercise of sorts
the messy rendezvous
however, pushes me with a jolt
to cut the chord and never return
but, this mind so sly
never is shy
to immerse in the labyrinth of chaos
thus continues the messy affair
to narrate tales
to recite verses
the crazy mind conjures!

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Above verse is written for Day 7 of BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Seven Year Itch”.


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