Not so gloomy #WordlessWednesday 64


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On a gloomy day,
When the dark clouds threatened,
To spill rain all over
A little sunshine was all that it took,
To form a rainbow.
Wonders can happen
On days not so bright
A soulful smile,
An honest friend,
A kind gesture,
That’s all, it takes.

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Lessons from a flower #WordlessWednesday 63


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WW 62

A bloom to relish

For a little while

While it lasts.

A lesson it shares,

Of humble and flourish.

Dried it will be soon,

With no charm,

Neither glossy and radiant,

Petals one by one,

Awaiting its imminent fall.

A lesson to learn,

From this bloom,

To never hide your value,

However small or short it may.

What good it is

To be haughty and  smug

Over your beauty and flair?

All will be lost tomorrow

When the sun shines a little too bright

Yet, nothing is lost forever

Because persistence will see you

Blossom and prosper again.

Cherish this bloom

While it lasts

Gracious as ever.

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Cloudy & Dark #WordlessWednesday 62


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Cloudy and dark
Some days, so it appears
Spectacular or uneventful
Casting a look so delirious
Some days, it so happens!

Laden with doubt
Shadows of gloom
Weaving a tone so bleak
Some days, are never easy
When it is cloudy and dark!

Joining Esha and Natasha for #WordlessWednesday this week.


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Another Realm #poem


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The below poem is inspired by Parul’s Thursday Tree Love photo this week.

In another realm, perhaps,

beyond chaos and mishaps,

in between a walk among the stars,

I may find this world of obscures

alluring, beyond my imagination,

stunning and insane, I may exclaim.

Another day, perhaps,

I would look out the window,

and see the raindrops kissed panes,

and the trees veiled by the deluge,

and realize that this is, in fact, my other realm

with sceneries so breathtaking,

stories worthy of retells,

poetries tantalizing souls,

a world of possibilities, beyond anyone’s imagination.

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Unexpected Treasures #WordlessWednesday 60 #ThursdayTreeLove


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Photo Credit: Dileep Radhakrishnan

never can one know
the skills hidden,
until it’s time.

never a reason
for the talent to sprout,
until you try.

never must you wait
for the time that is right,
unless you like to wait forever.


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Color of Hope #WordlessWednesday 59 #ThursdayTreeLove


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Bright like the sun,
Blooms of the spring,
Smell of the fresh morning air,
Light as a feather,
Hope finds its way,
In many disguises,
Filling this mind so weary,
With thoughts so cheery,
Clearing the clutter so dreary,
Another day to embark.

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Fenced #WordlessWednesday 58


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Thoughts chained
Forever pained

Unseen barriers
Paving course

Fenced in forever
Or free, yet lost the way?

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A Torn Page




Nothing but scribbles
Words once loved, and
Scratched many times over,
A series of doubt,
That’s what I’m now;
The torn paper
Bearing a dream that never fulfilled
A love-hate relationship, I share.
Perhaps someday I won’t be torn anymore
One day I’d adorn the pages of a book
Bearing words of hope
Bringing joy to my author!

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Wordless Wednesday 57


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The past whooshes by

And the future speeds toward my way

As I hastily wrestle to hold on to the present mindfully.


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Wordless Wednesday 56


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Different are we,
Does it matter, though?
To lean on each other?
To lend a hand when in need?
To just be there?
To be friends with each other?

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