Wordless Wednesday 50


Cracked, outside,

perhaps a little inside too.

each crack holds a story

perhaps deeper than it lets on.

Beyond the cracks,

rests the soul, unperturbed.

It’s time to seek the image

that lies underneath,

leave the scars alone,

keep the judgments aside now,

let the scars not disfigure us anymore.

Joining #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha this week. 
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Grim Truth




Stranded, neglected

this mind

Harboring reflections

such ghastly

Mirroring unsightly


To let go,

never that easy

Life, the many games

it plays!

Grim Truth

Inspired by #WednesdayVerses prompt Let go hosted by Reema and Vinay.

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Mind Works!


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a web of thoughts,
in disarray
a scene to avoid
to stay sane
though I like to play with them
at times
delving deep into my mind’s alleys
untangling knots
of thoughts
rather an exercise of sorts
the messy rendezvous
however, pushes me with a jolt
to cut the chord and never return
but, this mind so sly
never is shy
to immerse in the labyrinth of chaos
thus continues the messy affair
to narrate tales
to recite verses
the crazy mind conjures!

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Above verse is written for Day 7 of BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Seven Year Itch”.


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Six Minutes of Fame! #BarAThon


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Stepping stone to her success, she calculated

Betrayal, he cried

Fleeting longevity of fame, she  misjudged

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Above verse is written for Day 6 of BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Six Minutes of Fame”.


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Give me five! #BarAThon


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Quick and easy,
This life never is,
Riddled with hurdles,
Battles with hopes,
An endless novel,
The story of life goes on,
Chapters that can’t be rewritten,
Pages waiting to be filled in,
No pause button,
Neither can you rewind,
This is it, for better or worse,
Yet, I would say,
Give me five,
For this is the moment to celebrate,
Despite the chaos that lingers,
Struggles shall be sorted eventually,
Dilemmas won’t last forever,
A tribute to the many moments,
That splash a smile,
A prayer of gratitude in return,
Life is beautiful as we make it be!

Give me five


Above poem is written for Day 5 of BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Give me Five”.


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My world!


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There isn’t much I yearn,

A little time on my own,

To converse with musings that chance my way,

To pen down some that happen to stay,

In solitude, I create a world thus,

Without traveling the four corners of the world that is,

However, it remains dear to me always,

Though, musings abandon me at times,

A figment of my imagination all this, you may cite,

My favorite of all, this world, despite!

Reflection And Revelation (5)

Above poem is written for Day 4 of Barathon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Four Corners of the World”.


Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

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…Three’s a Crowd #Barathon


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Sanya was bubbling with frustration as her sister brought home the latest iPhone on the first day it was available in the market. She could never understand Seema’s fascination for electronic gadgets just as much Seema failed to understand her sister’s craze for books.

The twin sisters couldn’t be any more different. One loved books and filled her room with author signed copies while the other loved gadgets and was on a mission to own the latest technology gadgets.

However, Sanya was certain that no one needed three smartphones, not even her crazy sister.

Above flash fiction is written for Day 3 of Barathon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Three’s a crowd”.

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Choice! #barathon


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tolerate abuse
at home,
be a rebel.

suffer in silence
be an illegal.

fleeing gunshots,
jumping walls,
survive with no identity.

impish choices grin!

Reflection And Revelation (3)

Above poem is written for Day 2 of Barathon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm inspired by the prompt “Lesser of two evils”.

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One Too Many – Day 1 #Barathon


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Oft bitter failures 
give one too many reasons
to chase sweet success!

Too many obstacles not to pursue further,

Discouraging rationale without failure,

How long can one succumb to defeat!

It’s not time to yield and depart!

Not when success allures from distance!

What if perseverance pays off at last!

Another attempt deserves a try,

Perhaps, the best shot waiting to be freed!

Reflection And Revelation (2)

Joining Day 1 of Barathon presented by Blog-a-rhythm with a mix of haiku and poem combining the prompt – one too many and the theme – run/chase/marathon/sprint/dash.


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Eternal Love! #writebravely




I know, not often I say this to you

That I admire you the most,

Beyond any words, I can utter

Because dear, you are my true love!

Let this be our little secret

That I would like to spend,

Every waking moment with you

Beyond the slightest doubt, I know!

Cruel this world, keeping us away

Despite my 24by7 need for you,

Life is such, my darling,

A sip of you I crave all the time,

My hot simmering cup of tea

Stealing my taste buds always

A passion so deep you carve

And lost in your love,

More for you I crave!

Written for Day 7 of Write Tribe Festival Of Words inspired by the above photo prompt.

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