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She dressed her heartaches
In such gorgeous guise
With scribbles that hid her scars
And words that captivated many

Her scars unseen to the crowd
Unaware of her heart so broken
And the little pieces of shards it carried
Applauded the audience merrily

Silent sobs she stifled
A mask she wore
Tears pretended to be of joy
Known yet anonymous stayed her story

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The Monster #writebravely #Writrtribeproblogger


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Sharon knew he was somewhere near her. Though she couldn’t see him, she felt his presence always.

Some might even think that theirs is an unrequited love, she thought miserably. But how would anyone think that, when no one knew his existence in her life, when no one could feel his presence like she did?

How would she tell anyone about him when she couldn’t say it out loud confidently. Such was her stalker, the monster, this depression!

 Five Sentence Fiction written for day 7 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

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It’s hard not to doubt,
When inspiration takes a break
And creativity plays hide and seek

It’s hard to stay focused
When the paper is full of strikes
With no word that makes sense

It’s hard to gather courage
To think outside the box
And to get outside the comforts

It’s demotivating, this self doubt
It’s hard, not get crippled under this stress
As I feel empty

How to break this chain,
that strangles me from inside out?
I wonder with no clue!

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Disobedient my mind,
Every now and then going back to peek
At those memories that prick
Tearing my mind

Why isn’t it easy to forget!
Never take a look at those in the past
If it can’t bring delight
I plead to the self

But, who listens!
Playing hide and seek with flame
That is dangerous, become our game
Though it makes me dizzy

Through the cracks my mind bear
Sneaking in the memories, unaware
And hide and seek I play
Until they let me be free again.

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Little Irene was scared of monsters.

At night, she had to make sure that there weren’t any monsters hiding under her bed or in her closet. Shut the eyes tight, for if she opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of the monster lurking in her room, it could chew her head off and swallow her little arms and feet in one sitting. What’s not seen couldn’t hurt, believed the little girl and slept every night with bated breath.  


One night little Irene learned that monsters were real, only they looked just like us. In her case, it came wearing the mask of her dad.

But a little girl who knew to scream the loudest could keep any monster away. That was a quick learning for Irene. From then on, she started to keep her eyes open, listening to the monsters lurking, with bated breath.  

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She knew life was not just a bed of roses. Count the blessings more often to get the prickly thorns out, she learned that early on. 

Then again it wasn’t the terminal illness that killed her. The toxic relation she was in mercilessly sucked the life out of her long before her tumor proved to be fatal. 

Why life was just a bed of thorns for her, remained a mystery to her. 


A five sentence fiction for Day 3 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge prompt – Terminal.

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There once was someone I admired

Who stood by my side

In times of all, with no hesitation

There never was doubt

To take which road, despite

The many crisscrosses encountered.

Gone are those days

Of assurance and confidence

As I look in the mirror to see none.

Little by little she left my side

Her departure was never sudden

Only I failed to realize the transition

From the cheerful girl to the distressed woman

Changes someone else not aware of

But glaring at me, grueling my soul,

Questioning my integrity,

Faded into the oblivion,

A mystery of sorts,

Tearing my being,

Leaving behind a body,

a cloak, or a mere shadow.

I want to go back to who I was

Staring into the nothingness I long

A nostalgia hence born!

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In silence,
feel the impressions
of lasting words.

In turmoil,
find the peace
sometimes a tease.

In darkness,
glimmer the dim light
the most bright.

In chaos,
resides, perhaps, an answer
to clarity that is obscured.

It’s life,
filled with riddles
of all kinds.

It’s life,
with no one-size
fits for all.

It’s life,
with patterns that confound
all minds alike.

Written for Day 1 of WritetribeProBloggerChallenge prompt – Pattern.



Lonely #Haiku





In the shade, she stood
with hopes estranged elsewhere
loneliness creeping in.


Written for Haiku Horizons prompt – Shade.



Wordless Wednesday 42




In my reflection
I see
Not my imperfection
but, a world
Worthy of my presence.

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