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There once was someone I admired

Who stood by my side

In times of all, with no hesitation

There never was doubt

To take which road, despite

The many crisscrosses encountered.

Gone are those days

Of assurance and confidence

As I look in the mirror to see none.

Little by little she left my side

Her departure was never sudden

Only I failed to realize the transition

From the cheerful girl to the distressed woman

Changes someone else not aware of

But glaring at me, grueling my soul,

Questioning my integrity,

Faded into the oblivion,

A mystery of sorts,

Tearing my being,

Leaving behind a body,

a cloak, or a mere shadow.

I want to go back to who I was

Staring into the nothingness I long

A nostalgia hence born!

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Linking with Day 2 of Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge prompt – Nostalgia and Friday Reflections.





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In silence,
feel the impressions
of lasting words.

In turmoil,
find the peace
sometimes a tease.

In darkness,
glimmer the dim light
the most bright.

In chaos,
resides, perhaps, an answer
to clarity that is obscured.

It’s life,
filled with riddles
of all kinds.

It’s life,
with no one-size
fits for all.

It’s life,
with patterns that confound
all minds alike.

Written for Day 1 of WritetribeProBloggerChallenge prompt – Pattern.



Lonely #Haiku





In the shade, she stood
with hopes estranged elsewhere
loneliness creeping in.


Written for Haiku Horizons prompt – Shade.



Wordless Wednesday 42




In my reflection
I see
Not my imperfection
but, a world
Worthy of my presence.

Linking with imaginary garden with real toads.


Wordless Wednesday 41




Raging Sun, fluffy clouds,
Serene the sight.
Blue canvas portraying
Magnificent painting.

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If we were having coffee.. #FestivalOfWords #writebravely


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A week full of writing
Wasn’t that exhausting
Still, the fun wasn’t tiring
That’s what I’m sharing
If we were having coffee

Treasures we dug together
Shared with each other

Resources we cherish forever
True life saver they were

Map to keep us on path
Distributed with faith

Mundane or important, a day
Worthy of a say

And sent a letter
That someone deserved

A guest of honor
Interviewed with manner

Coffee to share with fond
Adieu to the festival of words.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. Day 7 prompt is ‘If we were having coffee’.


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Ready for your interview? #FestivalOfWords #writebravely


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Today is the 6th day of Write Tribe’s Festival of Words and the prompt is ‘Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview’. So why don’t you, my reader, be my guest? Pull up a chair and get comfortable as I interview you right here, right now. Answer in the comment section, Okay?

Sounds fun?

Okay, so it isn’t going to be an interview in the conventional sense. Let’s do a lightning round of questions. Try to give short answers. Does that sound doable?

Shall we start then? Ready?

Here you go..

  1. Favorite food?
  2. What/Who do you miss at this moment?
  3. How is your day going?
  4. As a child what did you want to become when you grow up?
  5. What did you become as a grown up?
  6. Favorite season?
  7. Movie or music?
  8. Journey or destination?
  9. In one word, what is life to you?
  10. In your opinion, which celebrity is having a crush on you?
  11. One word to describe Void Thoughts?

Go on, answer. I am waiting.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe


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A letter to my love #FestivalOfWords #writebravely


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Dear Poetry,

It’s true
I’m in love with you
Since I learned to read,
Words I loved,
To write and read,
To express and learn
To build a world of mine
With words and only words.
Yet, today, I fail
To express my unwavering love for you
In words rhyming and fancy
Dripping with charm and grace.
Together we may not be the best
Or perfect
You are the companion I seek
When I am lost.
I will be lost forever
Like a floating rock in the space
If not for you
And that’s true
So very true.

With love.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. Day 5 prompt is ‘Write a letter’.


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To New Routines! #FestivalOfWords #WriteBravely


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Today my son’s school reopened after the summer holidays. Two months and twelve days – that’s how long the holidays were. It felt strange to be at home without him today, for both his little brother and I.

I was trying hard to remember my routine from two months ago. My ten-month-old has changed his schedule since then. Plus the move to a new apartment just two days ago has changed the feel of everything.

Once again, it’s time to make new routines. To settle into new routines.



Here’s a poem I wrote for my son on his new beginning as a second grader.

Goodbye, mindless surfing and sleeping in
Welcome, lessons and homework
And a lot of playtimes
Another school year is here
Your days are busy once again
Learn Math and English, sure,
Don’t forget to make friends new
Learn to fight and share
Make memories plenty
To miss these moments later
Go on, enjoy the days of fun.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. Day 4 prompt is ‘Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life’.

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Where’s the X? #FestivalOfWords #WriteBravely


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“Dave, why is there a hole on every X you have written?”, asked a perplexed Sara to her four-year-old who was practicing the alphabets.

” Why, mama? Haven’t you read me the other day from the pirate book ‘X marks the spot’. It’s not a hole. I was digging to find the treasure.”

Dave’s innocent answer made Sara burst into a laugh as he looked on perplexed.

I am participating in the 7-day Festival of Words hosted by Write Tribe. Microfiction written for Day 3 for the prompt ‘Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual’.


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