Summer #ThursdayTreeLove

summer sprinkles a shine all aroundmaking the flowers loaned from the spring smile even brighterthe freshly woven cobwebs bridging the flora reflect tantalizinglylike a carefully chosen piece of jewelry adorning the bloomssummer sprinkles a gorgeous glow all aroundthe fresh blossoms sometimes appear to be in a meditative prayersummer shines fearlessly, making everything appear alluring in … More Summer #ThursdayTreeLove


The Broken Kaleidoscope

The broken kaleidoscope wasn’t reflecting darkness. Neither did it trap black spots. The broken kaleidoscope reflected more colors with a vengeance. Pieces of blue, pink, orange, green, yellow, and a mix of more colors. It sparkled brilliantly as the more broken pieces accumulated.  Broken doesn’t have to mean losing the ability to shine. Often, being … More The Broken Kaleidoscope

Friend #FictionMonday

“Sana, are you listening? ” Riya’s voice nudged her. Although her mind has left the park and the bench they occupied a while ago, she nodded and added hurriedly before Riya could point out Sana’s absent-mindedness “let’s walk a bit. I am feeling sleepy sitting here enjoying this beautiful breeze. ”  Sana didn’t want to … More Friend #FictionMonday