The Paranoia?

  She heard the doorknob rattling. She peeped through the adjacent window and there wasn’t anyone. But the doorknob still rattled adding to her nervousness. It was just like the time she walked back home from work. She was sure that someone was following her, but no one to be seen. And this time, she … More The Paranoia?

The Mystery House

  Though the house on the other side of the street looked just like any other house, Rachel always felt that something was off. The windows were never opened. Neither were the doors. It was like that since the tragic death of the previous owners when the house went in possession of one of their … More The Mystery House

Forever Wait

He stared out the window lost in thoughts. Dinner was all set on the table, as usual. By this time usually she calls out, “Is dinner ready, Dave?” He knew that today there won’t be any such voice finding way to his ears. He knew that the dinner table was waiting for her, in vain. … More Forever Wait

Life isn’t fair!

“Life isn’t fair, sweetheart. If it was, then I would have been married to the football captain of the school, not to the science club head!” “If she married him then you would be talking to your dad in prison now, honey, and I don’t think he is in a position to buy an iPhone.” … More Life isn’t fair!

New Step!

“Hi.” “Hi,” Grace said uncertainly. “I’m Joe.” “Grace.” “I see you here every evening.” “I haven’t seen you.” “Yeah, I know. You never seemed to be present here when you were here.” He chuckled. That was true. She came there every evening in memory of her deceased boyfriend, Xavier. That spot was their favorite meeting … More New Step!

The Dazzling Charm

She looked at the art, puzzled. It didn’t make any sense to her. The stones, tiles, clock with numbers shattered, bottles – she thought it was garbage piled on a corner. But it is displayed as art in the gallery. People are looking at this one in particular very curiously, very impressively. Only she couldn’t … More The Dazzling Charm

Its Time

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford Is that a pattern? Or some decorative lights? He strained his eyes to get a better look, but the blur was more pronounced now. “Where am I?” The streaming light behind the pattern caught his attention. The gushed in light flooded his eyes that he wanted to go back … More Its Time