New Step!

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman
PHOTO PROMPT Copyright- The Reclining Gentleman 

“Hi,” Grace said uncertainly.
“I’m Joe.”
“I see you here every evening.”
“I haven’t seen you.”
“Yeah, I know. You never seemed to be present here when you were here.” He chuckled.

That was true. She came there every evening in memory of her deceased boyfriend, Xavier. That spot was their favorite meeting place till the day he died. She was always lost in thought when she got there.
“Would you like a cup of coffee?”
A voice from inside her said that it’s time to let go. Maybe, it’s time she thought as she smiled at Joe.

100 words fiction written for Friday Fictioneers based on the above photo prompt hosted by Rochelle.

Also linking this to Write Tribe Pro Blogger – Day 24,  NaBloPoMo October – Day 24 at Blogher, Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 24 and Ultra Blog Challenge – Day 24.


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