Waiting Game

Sharon kept checking her watch. The needles moved at their own pace unaware of her irritation. And then they got together at 12. As she rose from her bed with the widest smile ever they sang outside her door,” Happy Birthday to you.” Her smile got broader as she received the birthday present, her first … More Waiting Game

State of mind

Unstable mind I got, Tangled from within, Knotted everywhere, Am I trapped here, There is no way out nor in, There is no light nor air, Trapped it is, my mind Tangled from within! Linking this to NaBloPoMo November – 20.

Who Am I?

Who am I, I ask myself, A woman, a mother, a wife, It changes every time I answer. Who am I, I wonder, Why am I defined by the roles I assume? Why my role changes with people around me? Who am I, I ask, The hard question I ever faced! Is it that label … More Who Am I?


I wonder, how we would have known colors, if the nature hid its palette! The green leaves, the colorful flowers, the rainbows, the white snow, the blue sky, the brown soil, and whatnot! The brilliant hues of red, orange and yellow, the sun makes, the milky glow of the moon, and  the twinkling stars. The lush green … More Colors!

Empty head

It’s empty today; No words inside, No thoughts to spill, My head is hollow. No criss-cross of images, No scattered musings, I’m amused though. The reflections sure have to find the way How can it lose its way? Maybe, the trance is waiting to surface, the moment jitters subside. It’s time for meditation, And to … More Empty head


It was destiny, I have been told, When I was left to wrestle with the jaws of death. Destiny took the glory once again, When I fought my way out. No, I am not hiding behind my destiny. I am writing my own destiny Because it can be rewritten! Linking this 49 words fiction to … More Destiny

#WordlessWednesday 10

  The precious bubble before it bursts, containing a world of its own. a moment’s life it has; a moment’s joy it spreads; fulfilling its journey!    Linking this to Wordless Wednesday at Abracabadra hosted by Ruchira. Also linking to NaBloPoMo – November Day 9.