The Stalker

Picture via Unsplash   Kate hummed along the radio as she prepared her breakfast. She was cheerful busting moves between scrambling eggs. Through the opened window of the kitchen fall breeze made its way inside, making her breezy too.  Music from the radio stopped and an advertisement started playing. Kate looked out the window devouring … More The Stalker

Its Time

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford Is that a pattern? Or some decorative lights? He strained his eyes to get a better look, but the blur was more pronounced now. “Where am I?” The streaming light behind the pattern caught his attention. The gushed in light flooded his eyes that he wanted to go back … More Its Time

Little joys

Amy laughed happily making the spin wheel turn fast with every blow, as her mother, Kristy, sat beside her in the park bench looking at her with a smile on her lips, though her eyes screamed concerns and worries for her autistic daughter. She wasn’t bothered about the society looking at Amy with pity, nor … More Little joys


Pic via Five Sentence Fiction Grief, the dreaded word, the gruesome feeling, unfolding ghastly moments . Grief, unearthing the frenzy within the sane ones, despised, looked upon gravely. Yet happiness got its many colors  by the mere existence  of horrid grief. Atrocious moments needs grieving to get by. Though cringed, grief too is significant in … More Grief.

I want you to know..

Pic via Pixabay Blogging has given me an opportunity to connect with other people. Random people, living in different corners of the world, but holding similar views as mine. When someone new comments on my blog I feel heavily appreciated. The pleasure all these random strangers brings just by leaving a comment or a like is … More I want you to know..

If only….

Copyright – Janet Webb The older woman in the mirror looked nothing like her, she realized. She asked “who are you?” “I am you, silly. Have you forgotten what you have done to yourself all these years by neglecting yourself, not paying attention to your dreams and avoiding your desires?” Her reflection stared at her posing … More If only….

Perspective matters.

“Mommy, Three in a row!”, exclaimed Jack knocking down the bowling pins. “Wow Sweetheart, you are fantastic “, encouraged Mona. Pushing his wheelchair, the once career oriented woman thought how happiness changed from meeting deadlines, bagging best performer awards to bringing smile on her lifeline’s face – time changes perspective! Linking this to the Fiction Challenge … More Perspective matters.