Little joys

Amy laughed happily making the spin wheel turn fast with every blow, as her mother, Kristy, sat beside her in the park bench looking at her with a smile on her lips, though her eyes screamed concerns and worries for her autistic daughter.
She wasn’t bothered about the society looking at Amy with pity, nor about her once close friends who rarely visits her now because they don’t like Amy playing with their kids instead the sympathies and actions that didn’t extend beyond words enriched Kristy in compartmentalizing herself from the outside world and her world with Amy.
At the age of nineteen, Amy was nothing like her peers – she played with paints making a mess of it instead of making colorful pictures, got excited at the sight of stars and moon, jumped up and down seeing a clown, cried her eyes out when her mom was out of her sight, ran to her mom like a toddler.
Amy’s every smile lit up Kristy’s life though she worried about a tomorrow when she was not around to take care of Amy. Kristy thought, when life turns the wheel bringing in new tomorrows, Amy might find it hard to come in terms with life’s terms but today she is happy that she can spin the toy in her hand; tomorrow’s demons shall be dealt with, in due time!
Pic via Five Sentence Fiction

Linking this to Five Sentence Fiction prompt – Wheels hosted by Lillie Mcferrin.


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