Mission Impossible

Picture via FSF “I can do it, I just have to follow the instructions!” “What if you mess it up, and get it all wrong?” “I am intelligent, educated, I can read the instructions pretty well, what hassle is following them?” “But this is not lab exam, no one is here to help you; you … More Mission Impossible

What if!

 SOURCE “I was here waiting for him, on the platform with my luggage; as delighted I was to see the train approaching –  to start a new life with him, to make a world of our own, to get away from the rain, his absence made me panic though I knew he wouldn’t betray me, … More What if!

Close Call

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot “Look Mel, that minivan is still there. Why is it parked in the same spot always? I guess someone abandoned it. What do you think?” “I think so too, Claire. You wanna go take a closer look?” said Mel walking towards the minivan. “Its almost time for school. We won’t snoop … More Close Call

Who is the culprit?

As she occupied the window seat on the metro her mind was occupied with all sorts of thoughts. Once again the unspeakable events transpired in her mind.Who would have predicted that in less than 24  hours her life would take such a harsh turn. She kept thinking whatever was life for me till yesterday is … More Who is the culprit?


Photo via Pixabay She was sitting there alone by the window, sipping coffee and eating burger. She was the only one in that fast food joint who was alone at a table. While the rest of the people mostly all of them had kids accompanied with them absorbed in their own world, some parents trying … More Lonely??

Finding Dreamland!

Photo from Pixabay Her touch took him to the world of dreams and stars. He waited every night eagerly for her arrival, fantasizing what’s it going to be tonight – hide and seek with stars, reunion with friends, an encounter with dragons.. At last she arrived, with heavy eyes he drifted off to dreamland. Linking this to … More Finding Dreamland!


Yes there is Someone else I had loved more than you. Do I love him more than you or not? I don’t know the answer. In fact I have never stopped by and looked back to check that. So let me take a moment now. When I flip through yesterdays pages I felt the relationship … More Confession!!

Secured dreams!

Sunaina was bewildered, uncertain and rattled as she entered the study room after abstaining herself from the world of reading and writing or even entering her favorite place in the house, in the whole world. The infamous medical entrance exam has taken away 1 whole year from her life though it wasn’t her decision to … More Secured dreams!