Journey called Marriage!

They set out for the journey together, with almost similar expectations and emotions.
They thought that both of them were handed out the same route and reaching destination is no hassle because, well, they are there for each other, that’s what they pledged to do – to be there for each other in sickness and health, till death do them part.

Picture via Pixabay

They seemed happy, holding hands they started the joyous ride called marriage.

Years later they stood on opposite sides of the road with a wall grown between them, neither of them wanting to put an effort to break the wall or climb the wall and be together again.
Not knowing which direction the other is going they both continued their journey alone, with more drifting it was easy to choose different routes and care less about the so called “soul mate”.


Linking this to Five Sentence Fiction prompt- MAPS hosted by Lillie McFerrin..


11 thoughts on “Journey called Marriage!

  1. very well expressed. This is so often the case when neither wants to re-visit the path they decided to charter out for themselves in the first place.


  2. That was so well written, Vinitha! That is exactly what happens a lot in life, isn't it? We start on the journey together, but somewhere on the way something happens and we find our separate ways. Sad, but true!


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