The Mighty Fear

He asked ” shall we go then?”, the terrifying question she met with at the end of each day for the past week. Her mind raced to say NO every time, but she being the new joinee and he being her manager and the corporate world being completely new and strange to her, she couldn’t … More The Mighty Fear

Its Raining

The chatterings of pouring down rain couldn’t wash his tears away; neither did it cool down his heart throbbing with the pain of his daughter’s untimely death. For the first time in his life he hated rain; if it wasn’t for that heavy rain she would’t have met with the accident which took her life … More Its Raining

Last Breath

As the pages lay there scattered all over the floor, the cover couldn’t help but think “I’m no longer a book now. Without the pages, the torn apart cover I lost my meaning and no one I will touch me or want to read what I’m holding. Photo via Flickr What a sad pathetic end. If only the kid … More Last Breath

Lost Solitude

I miss you so much , some days even more than I can express. I miss those days when we used to meet and share the space like there is no one else. I miss those moments how you made me think that I was the only one who mattered, triggering the untouched feelings deep … More Lost Solitude