The Mighty Fear

He asked ” shall we go then?”, the terrifying question she met with at the end of each day for the past week.

Her mind raced to say NO every time, but she being the new joinee and he being her manager and the corporate world being completely new and strange to her, she couldn’t say no out loud.
Photo via Pixabay
And every time they were in his car she was in dilemma- whether he holding her hand is innocent as he pretends or is he trying it as an advancement to something more, whether he is a genuine friend as he says or a disguised wolf waiting to pounce at the right moment, why he insists her to accompany him ,why she is obligated to share the journey with him just because they both take the same route and why she shouldn’t rely on her instincts which tells not to trust him because no boss would say that I am your best friend but don’t let others at office know that because they will be jealous of you. 
“Lets go” his sound nudged her from her thoughts and without realizing she replied “NO Sir, I am going by bus”  at which  he was taken aback, surprised and disappointed he said “Are you afraid?”. Noticing the sudden change in his tone she answered, her voice unwavering,”No I’m not afraid”- when she walked away from him towards the bus she thought yes I’m afraid of you and yes that’s why I got the courage to say no today.

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