Photo via Pixabay
She was sitting there alone by the window, sipping coffee and eating burger. She was the only one in that fast food joint who was alone at a table. While the rest of the people mostly all of them had kids accompanied with them absorbed in their own world, some parents trying to make their kids sit on the chair , some parents struggling to make their kids stop crying, no one noticed this old woman there.
She saw everything. She curiously looked at the boy who sat two tables away crying for the balloon which just popped. Her eyes traveled from one face to another.
What did she see in them? A vibrant life so younger than hers? Or did they brought her the memories of her own years back?
She looked happy for a someone who is alone. No, she was not smiling but when she looked at others there was no tint of regret or envy hanging on her eyes..
Wrinkles have taken over her skin completely. Her eyes popped out like two round glasses. Even though she was sitting down she stooped so low that it was hard to picture her standing up.
I thought to myself I’m happy I am not her. I am blessed with people I love. I don’t have to go anywhere alone. I don’t have to wonder what’s it like to have company. 
Then it dawned to me I could be her one day – all alone looking at others to experience laughter and happiness.
At this age she is able to get up, get dressed and come to a noisy fast food restaurant to enjoy her lunch. She must have had years filled with happiness, making so many beautiful memories the help of with which she is able to move ahead at this age. Alone or not she must have had a contended life which keeps her going.
If I could do what she is doing now when I am at her age I might not feel lonely after all..

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