I want you to know..

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Blogging has given me an opportunity to connect with other people. Random people, living in different corners of the world, but holding similar views as mine. When someone new comments on my blog I feel heavily appreciated. The pleasure all these random strangers brings just by leaving a comment or a like is immeasurable.
These random people include not just strangers but sometimes friends of friends too, whom otherwise I would not have known about.
As living beings, connecting with one another is essential for our existence. And the endless connections that can be made in the blogging world is phenomenal. I am fairly active in Social media. But I don’t usually accept friend requests from strangers nor do I send friend requests to strangers. Even among friends from school days, I check if there are enough mutual friends and weigh in if I would like that particular contact to have access to my profile a lot before actually accepting the request. But in the blogging world it is very simple. After reading one or two posts the connection starts developing. It is not about knowing where you are from or what you have been up to. It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is or your appearance or your lively hood or the your bank balance. It is as simple as ‘I would to know what you have to tell and I would like to know your views on mine’.
I stepped into the world of blogging almost 6 years back. But I was very very inconsistent until few months ago. Owing to the not so good factors happening around me I decided its time I take a stand and do something for me. And there I stepped back into the familiar yet unfamiliar world of blogging again. And with writing more consistently than before I made new connections. Now many faces around here are familiar to me. I talk about many of the blogs and the contents there with my husband like I talk about my favorite friends.
I know this cannot be considered as a major achievement in life but I don’t feel any of this as minor either. Because ‘the not so good factors’ contribute to my rediscovery and the resultant happiness. Though my readership is not that high, I feel happy and appreciated with even a single response. Blogging is helping me write more often than I thought I would.
So my dear blogger friends, wherever you are, whoever you are, I am glad you exist. You reading my posts makes me feel grateful just like the help arrived last-minute when everything goes wrong. Stay blessed!
Originally published in my blog Reflections.

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