The Stalker

Picture via Unsplash
Kate hummed along the radio as she prepared her breakfast. She was cheerful busting moves between scrambling eggs. Through the opened window of the kitchen fall breeze made its way inside, making her breezy too. 
Music from the radio stopped and an advertisement started playing. Kate looked out the window devouring the beautiful backyard views. Her mind was racing to stop from worrying about the stalker.
She had decided that it’s time to catch him before he caught her. Every moment became dreaded for the past few months in the futile effort to hide from him. The more she was afraid the more he came close to her. Even when he was not around Kate had many nightmares about their next encounter. Neither could she stop thinking about him when he was away nor could she confront him when she knew he was near.
She was tired of all the negativeness going on in her life. Before Kate knew it, she went from happily married to divorced. She would have made it through, if her daughter’s custody was given to her. How easily her husband’s lawyer made it look like her daughter is in danger if she lives with Kate because of the stalker.
Every one left her alone, but the stalker, whose presence she felt more with each passing day. He was the hairy monster from whom she was running away.
She was so exhausted that she wanted to end her monotonous, unworthy life. And that’s when realized that she is giving up easily. She decided that she will hunt him down, the reason which took everything away from her life and deal with him.
Kate made some changes in her life. She noticed that his presence was felt more when she was completely alone, idling her day away. So she started to go for jogging after almost two years. She found it exhilarating after all these time. Though she was cautious she never saw him lurking near her when she took long strides that energized both her body and mind. 
Kate was prepared to confront him the moment he popped in though she made sure that she enjoyed each moment to the fullest. 
She started to go out more often with her beloved camera. Photography was her passion. Kate couldn’t even remember how and why she stopped capturing wonderful moments as she used to do. Was it because the moments weren’t pretty as before or was it she who failed to see the beautiful moments fleeing right before her eyes, she wondered.
After spending her days indulging in activities she was once fond of and still haven’t seen him anywhere near she was feeling more confident.
After breakfast Kate made plans with her friend Ginny to meet at the cafe. Ginny was happy that Kate called her after so long.
When they met Kate was much happier. After the initial chit chats Ginny couldn’t resist but ask about the depression Kate was going through wondering if she was actually depressed seeing such major changes in her. 
Kate was calm and composed. She replied, “There were times I realized that I was depressed, but I chose to blame my circumstances instead of admitting that I needed help. But once I accepted that and decided that I’m gonna live after all, taming depression became much easier. I have accepted that I have wounds from the past but I’m not going to let those hurt my present or future. It took all energy and focus to come in terms with reality, but I’m there now. I refuse to live as a victim of depression.”
Sometimes all it takes is to turn around and have a face to face encounter with the troubles than running away from it, to make the life a little better. Yes, depression is real, it can ruin one’s life so bad and hence to tackle this stalker it needs a lot of effort. Getting the right aid and giving the right care is what a depressed person needs. Not the sympathy, not the fruitless encouragements about what a big deal life is. Be the inspiration in finding lost courage and hope within, just be there as a ladder of hope! 

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